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Cloudy Moon

Smile Upon Us Cloudy Moon
Half hidden by the clouds,
I see you peeking through;
the glowing, orange~tinged sunset,
Ole Cloudy Moon, sly you.

Silvery one and only, shine on
that we may see your beams;
harvest~time just round the bend,
at least that's how it seems.

We view your cloud~lit eyes,
your fuzzy cheeks ~ quaint nose;
I think your mouth is ouuuuing,
what for, do you suppose?

Mayhap you're gazing down
upon the clouds red haze;
hopin' that we humans have
sweet nights and lovely days,

Hazy clouds, it seems as if
scarlet waves are in your hair;
with that phat fluffy cloud
wingin' its way to you up there.

Oh, precious orb you are
such a romantic, wondrous mystery;
Smile Upon Us Cloudy Moon
for all the world to see!

© Mary Carter Mizrany

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Revised:  October 30, 2017