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Four Seasons
The Loveliness of Seasons
The Winter world seems to luminesce
in its crown of silvery white
and despite the bitter, cold wind,
slippery streets of ice,
it is awesome in its beauty,
a crystalline delight...
But after months of bitter cold,
snow, ice and freezing rain
there is a sentimental longing
for Spring to come again.

Spring time and the thawing,
warm sun, a gentle breeze,
rebirth on earth, season of new life
when again the earth grows green.
The skies are azure splendor
with light fluffs of cotton-candy clouds,
myriads of rainbow blossoms,
Spring, so graciously endowed
with the wonders of creation
from the moment Spring begins,
unscorched by Summer's heatwaves,
not hampered by Winter's frigid winds...

And Summer, dressed in jade and emerald,
a jeweled season dancing in the gold
radiance of sunshine,
sometimes so hot and humid,
would seem a blessing, Winter's cold
but Oh! the miles and miles of meadows
that breezes wave like emerald seas
with clumps and clumps of daisies
that appear whitecaps to me
on imaginary oceans
to dash through, romp and play.
There's not much I enjoy more
than a lovely Summer day
to enjoy with fascination
the butterflies and bees,
the songs the birds are singing,
seems from boughs of every tree,
balmy nights of moon and starlight,
and glittering fireflies
that sparkle through the meadows
like stars fell from the sky...

Then Autumn seems to crackle in
on the edge of thunderstorms
that combust the hills to flaming colors,
days aren't so humid, quite so warm,
the emerald fields turn golden,
now abundant with harvest,
Oh! the splendor that is Autumn
when earth and man are richly blessed...

Then it seems near overnight
earth settles down to rest,
leaves fall making a coverlet
where little creatures snuggle to keep warm
and the fields and forest
start looking gray and old and worn
and a chill wind comes blowing in
out of the north one night
and Winter is again upon us,
shedding its luminescent light

© 2004 Annette W. Bromley

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