Plant of the Week

Let me introduce you to a favorite plant in my Northwest Indiana garden, zone 5. The map at right will help you understand your area's zone number. See the links below the maps for moon phases, sunrise, and sunset information.

Bog Rosemary 'Blue ice'


Bog Rosemary 'Blue Ice' (Andromeda Polifolia) is a slow growing perennial shrub which can reach 20 to 24 inches in height. Bog Rosemary is so named because it grows in bogs with foliage that looks similar to culinary rosemary, although not in the same family at all. The blue foliage produces a light pink flower in mid spring, continuing into late spring. It performs best in an acid, moist soil in full sun or part-shade. Hardy in zones 3-6, Bog Rosemary adds an interesting texture to edgings, beds, and borders, with multiple plants creating a fine ground cover.
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Revised:  September 18, 2017