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Here's a fun, informative and educational garden or
nature drawing for children, our Budding Gardeners,
to color and learn about:


If you like to draw but want some help getting started, these step-by-step diagrams will help you achieve a realistic looking Mourning Dove faster than you ever thought possible.  So get out your pencil, eraser, and pad, and get to work on drawing this bird!

The mourning dove, Zenaidura macroura, is unique among birds in being able to drink water in a continuous draught, like a horse, and in producing "pigeon milk," which is fed to the young by regurgitation.  They weigh 4-6 ounces, are bluish gray above and tannish gray below with black spots on the wing, and are nearly 12" long, about half of which is tail.  The doves eat large amounts of weed seeds, picking up 20-50 seeds per minute while feeding.  Their call is mournful and flute-like, consisting of four long coos, the second syllable of the first note being high, and the first and last notes low in pitch.

Mourning Dove drawing instructions to print out, draw and color

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Source:  John Green,
Dover Publications,
& the Internet

Mourning Dove picture in color

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