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Here's a fun, informative and educational garden or
nature drawing for children, our Budding Gardeners,
to color and learn about:


Resurrection Plant (Selaginella lepidophylla). This plant is native to Texas and Arizona, but its range extends to South America. During dry weather, it becomes completely desiccated, curls into a dusty brown ball, and appears dead. The plant can last for years in this dormant state, waiting for rain, but often it is blown toward water sources by the wind. As soon as water becomes available, the plant absorbs a large quantity of it, becoming emerald-green, and open in form. It is a non-flowering plant, a member of the club mosses, reproducing by spores produced by conelike structures.

Resurrection Plant drawing to print out and color

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Source:  Ilil Arbel &
Dover Publications

Resurrection Plant picture in color

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